From Functional Genomics to Systems Biology

November 16-19, 2003
The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

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TRANSCRIPTOME 2003 is part of a series of conferences and coordination workshops initiated by the founders of the IMAGE Consortium (Charles Auffray, Greg Lennon, Mihael Polymeropoulos, Bento Soares). This is the 3rd TRANSCRIPTOME meeting succeeding that in Paris 2000 and Seattle 2002. Speakers from all over the world had discussed and debated the recent advances in the emerging field of functional genomics with special stress on the transcriptomes.

TRANSCRIPTOME 2003 will be held in Tokyo under the sub-title “From Functional Genomics to Systems Biology”.  This meeting was originally planned to be held in Shanghai, but transferred to Tokyo because of SARS epidemy constraints.

This year, we cerebrated 50th anniversary of discovery of double helix and the completion human genome sequencing.  These events clearly marked the paradigm-shift from molecules to systems in life science.  In this meeting, speakers will present the most recent advances in such a paradigm-shift as well as new aspects of transcriptomes, such as functional non-coding RNAs. The subjects covered will be:


Human genome and Systems Biology

Gene and transcript cataloging and annotation

Comparative functional genomics

Gene network and Systems Biology

Expression profiling and human diseases

Functional proteomics and structural biology

SiRNA and miRNA

Systems Biology and the future of medicine


Based on the tradition of TRANSCRIPTOME meetings, we will discuss and debate the above issues.  We hope you will attend this meeting and share out excitement of the future of the biology.


Zhu Chen

Vice President of Chinese Academy of Science



Sumio Sugano

The University of Tokyo

Co-chair, TRANSCRIPTOME 2003